Hey Ya’ll.

I AM a MOM and so just hear me roar or something like that. I am a mom of three and a wife to one. Husband is a mechanic by trade and passion. I do “work” on the weekends, for now- it’s my parental break, for about 10 hours a week. My three kids, there is one boy-“D”, he’s our oldest (6 years old) and happens to be autistic- “high functioning” if details are needed. There are two girls- one is our middle child “H”(5 years old currently); then there’s our youngest- and last, “V” she’s 2. My skills… still searching for that one… I’m good at talking?

Also, I mean, I am a Pinterest dreamer- I have a goal to someday soon start actually going through with more of my “pins”// need more motivation I guess.

Welcome to my Blog Thing.! You can browse around at your own pace. Read about my parental flops, the mishaps, the funny stuff, whatever. Oh. Also, Subscribe for the emails b/c I promise, for now, I’ll just say “Hi” to you :).. Have fun and don’t forget to laugh a little each day; even if it’s at yourself..

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