Mom Fail #1576439586 and counting..

December 4th 2016. I dropped the ball. Well, I caught it on black Friday when I found this adorable Disney Tsum Tsum advent calendar. I was so stoked to find an advent calendar that was not candy related to build the anticipation for Christmas.

Since it was still November though when I’d bought it I tucked it away in a drawer- and TOTALLY forgot about it. That is- until my youtube junkie children were watching another annoying review video and it happened to be an advent calendar. An advent calendar! “Mommy, what’s that? It looks like fun. Remember we had one with chocolate last year mom? Cam we get one again?” and it smacked me in the face when I started to say, “well, advent calendar’s are for counting down days til Christmas in December … Oh! Crap!” (insert mom jumping up and running to bedroom)

So, since it’s the fourth of Dec. already I had the two big ones take turns opening doors 1 through 4. And they had a blast. The toys are so adorable. However they are already bickering over the pieces so, I’m ready for every day to hurry up and be done. My little fun suckers.

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